November was a very special month for FunkyTime … Three Funky fellows traveled to Lisbon. Just a trip? Certainly not! FunkyTime was selected to participate in the Web Summit as a beta starter. For those who do not know the world's largest web technology congress on...

After successfully launching the new version of the FunkyTime web app in June, we organized 2 webinar sessions for getting you familiar with some of the new features.

After the Alpha Starter selection last year, FunkyTime will participate in another international technology conference. This recognition by our peers in the tech world gives us great satisfaction and yes, even fills us with some pride.

Web Summit is Europe’s largest yearly technology marketplace with some 50.000 web professionals visiting the conference. This year the event takes place from 7th till 10th November in Lisbon (Portugal) and 15.000 companies from as much as 165 countries are expected to attend.