FunkyTime features

Turn your time into invoices.

Pull your billable time and expenses you’ve tracked into professional invoices and send them to your clients. Discover how FunkyTime can send invoices online so you get paid faster.


Invoice your hours

Create your invoices in a few clicks by selecting the client, the project or the period for which you would like to invoice. The document is created automatically based on the billable time & expenses.

Timesheets overview

FunkyTime allows you to send your project or client files and timesheets attached to your invoices.

Send your invoices

Send your invoices by email with just one click or download & print the documents to send them by postal mail.

Intuitive invoicing

Our intuitive design lets you create automated invoice in less than a minute. Our free-form editor allows you to manually control what you charge your client.

Brand your invoices

Choose a template from our gallery and give it your company touch. FunkyTime lets you carefully craft your invoices to fit your brand.

Advanced payments

Send retainer invoices to your clients and collect advance payments for projects. When it’s time to bill your client for the project, the retainer payment will be automatically included in the invoice.

Recurring invoices

FunkyTime creates recurring invoices on the interval that you specify — monthly, quarterly or yearly. You have the option to have the invoices be automatically sent to the client or to be saved as a draft that you can review.


All invoices at-a-glance

The invoice dashboard gives you an overview of all the invoices you’ve created, your turnover for the year, and the filters let you report on a particular client or timeframe.

Payment reports

Instantly find out which client is slow to pay and which invoices have already been paid. Also run detailed reports on issued credit notes and refunds. Let FunkyTime remind your clients to pay their invoices, so you don’t have to.

Yuki integration

Thanks to the in-depth integration, invoices created in FunkyTime will automatically be added in the Yuki accounting platform (SAAS). Once your invoices have been booked as paid in Yuki, the status will be updated automatically in FunkyTime.

Put a finger on your business

Run real-time reports on your sales, expenses, cost, profit and tax summary. You can also schedule in-depth reports and receive them automatically by email.

FunkyTime helps teams keep track of what they are working on. Get started right away with 10 days for free!