About FunkyTime

Empowering the new working.

Our online tools and coaching and consulting services bring both sides of the new working relationship much closer together. And it’s free to try!

For new workers

Less discussions with clients

Clear agreements before the start of the collaboration. Transparent time & expenses tracking during the collaboration. Result: less discussions afterwards.

More focus on your real work

Measuring your working time stimulates to sprint-work. And since there is less admin, you can stay focused on the essence of your tasks. And have much more fun.

Almost zero administration

From assignment to invoice. Easily import into your accounting. Almost no paper work. Unless you still prefer to print. Get ready for a more funky work time and start using the app.

For new managers

Including all the outsiders

You don’t want to open up your back-office system to the outsiders. Yet you need their input on the inside, if you want to follow-up on projects, budgets and team output. Or if you need to report the work in progress, the client life-time value, the business unit monthly gross margin, etc. FunkyTime allows you to incorporate all the info from the outsiders in your reports. At once.

Almost in real-time

It easily takes one month before you get all the reporting information out of the accounting systems. Provided the subcontractors have sent in their invoices too. Services companies don’t need to wait for the accounting to be ready. Their results depend mainly on time & expenses. That’s why FunkyTime can report on results every day, every week, and every month. It almost feels like real-time.

FunkyTime helps teams keep track of what they are working on. Get started right away with a full month for free!