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The fastest way to contact us is by using the chat function on the bottom right of this page. We’ll answer as soon as we can!


NOTE: we are not a casino game. We have recently been receiving a lot of messages about a casino game that is also called FunkyTime. That is not who we are; we are a productivity app to track time and expenses on projects.

Request account deletion

Need to delete your account? You can do this from your profile in the mobile app, or from the Account Settings page on the web app. Your login will then immediately be disabled, and all your data will be removed after about 30 days. Contact us as soon as possible if you wish to reverse this.


Note: if you have tracked time on someone else’s project, such as at an organization, these time entries will not be removed. Similarly, if you have been a project manager at an organization, any items you created there will not be removed.


If you wish to delete your account but are unable to login, send us a message and mention your email address so that we can retrieve your account. We will then send an email to ask for confirmation, and after that (or no reply after 14 days), your account will be deleted.

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