About FunkyTime

Our mission.

FunkyTime empowers entrepreneurs and smart companies to reach a higher efficiency and achieve their goals by deploying intuitive and intelligent digital tools at a reasonable cost.

In a fast changing world, FunkyTime wants to connect people, data, insights, strategy and processes in a smart way to create a modern work environment. This reduces red tape, increases productivity and ensures sustainable growth. Eventually there will be more time left to focus on the job, for the things that really matter, which increases job satisfaction. We give people more ‘funky time’.

The Funky approach

Think global, act local

FunkyTime is a Belgium based company with an international focus. Our products are multilingual (English, French, German & Dutch), emphasizing our global approach.

Easy as 1-2-3

We work hard to make FunkyTime intuitive and fast, so you don’t need a manual to get started with it.

Hocus focus

We focus on one product. We put all our experience & knowledge in it, so we can create an even better product for you and your team.

Simple pricing that works at any scale

We believe in flexible, transparent pricing that works for everyone, whether you’re a local freelancer or a multinational company. No startup costs, no complex pricing structures, no hidden charges.

Mobile is the new normal

FunkyTime believes that the way we work should be supported by flexible, mobile tools, allowing you & your team to excel in the best possible way.

All eyes and ears

We want to offer the best possible tools for you, and we improve FunkyTime based on your feedback and suggestions. We scale with your business.

Smart tools for a new way of working

We empower freelancers, workers, hybrid companies and fluid organizations with professional & innovative means to create an organic and pleasant way to work together.

An honest commitment

We believe in running an honest and ethical business. What is yours, will always be yours. All the data on your account will still be there when you switch plans or even if you opt for another provider.

Let’s innovate together

We know the work is not done yet. There’s always room for improvements and innovation, so tell us what you think would be a good next feature for FunkyTime. We might develop it for you.

A greener world

We understand that we are part of a community that reaches far beyond the country in which we operate. Therefore, we are committed to protecting our world’s natural resources by using them wisely and responsibly.

FunkyTime in a nutshell:

  • Development started in 2009
  • Founded in 2016
  • Belgium based company
  • Thousands of users in over 20 countries
  • SAAS platform, browser agnostic & back office independent
  • Available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Estonian, Swedish & Macedonian
  • Over 10.000.000 hours tracked
  • All accounts use secure SSL-encrypted connections
  • 99,9% uptime guaranteed

FunkyTime helps teams keep track of what they are working on. Get started right away with a full month for free!