FunkyTime ready for the Nordics

“Wow. FunkyTime is such an easy time & expense tracking tool!”

That is what Stefan Klang said, at the end of a 5 minute demo. Stefan is one of the partners of the Swedish business development agency Amandus. Last month, FunkyTime appointed them to attract customers in the Nordics. Last week, Stefan needed a small demo to better understand how easy one can track time, add expenses, and prepare an invoice.

The 5 minute demo fully convinced and motivated him to reach out towards architects, engineers, creative professionals and international consultants. All these independent professionals have a multitude of clients that mess up their agenda, and have them switch from one client to the other in the course of a day. And, they all need to transparently show how much effort they spend on their clients, in order to get their invoices accepted quickly. But none of them like to spend time on administration, definitely not when the tool is complex.

Stefan Klang from Amandus

“I am not an IT guy, and I am always frustrated with the complexity of apps,” says Stefan. “I sometimes wonder if the developers use their babies themselves. In the case of FunkyTime, I am really impressed by the ease of use of the app. The designers and developers of FunkyTime must have spent hours and hours to get this app working so intuitively. And it is no surprise that even the owners and board members are very active users of the FunkyTime app.”

Amandus is now going to reach out to potential clients for FunkyTime in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Although the cooperation is not on an exclusive basis, they will be the predominant business development partner for the Nordics. Via one of their subcontractors they are also reaching out to the Balkans, and FunkyTime already has an Estonian presence in the Baltics. Only a few countries to go for FunkyTime, to cover the whole North and East of Europe.