Distinguish between time tracked and time charged with FunkyTime Enterprise

FunkyTime Enterprise includes a backend called FunkyOps. It allows an organization to keep track of their work on projects, clients, invoices, collaborators, business units, and get analytics on all of them. Time tracking still happens in FunkyTime.
One of the features our Enterprise clients value is the ability to make a distinction between time tracked and time charged.

For example, what if you always send the timesheet in attachment to your invoice, but you had a phone call about an embarrassing mistake and you don’t want to charge that phone call to your client? You still want to show it to them, but make clear you’re not charging it.

Or, also very possible, you may have had a delicate internal discussion about this client or project, and you don’t want your client to see. But you’re still tracking it on that project, because you want the margin/profit calculation to be correct in the analytics.

That’s why, in FunkyOps, we have some editing functionality on the timesheets you’ll be sending to your client. You can strike-through some lines or completely hide them – see the screenshot at the top of this article. In both cases, those lines will no longer be included in the total at the bottom.

Here’s what that same timesheet will look like for the client. We’re invoicing one week of work on the Thompson Project since 1 February:

It is very clear to the client that we’re not charging them that phone call, and they don’t need to know about that internal discussion.

Now, what if you want to add, instead of remove, a line on the timesheet? An example: your energetic new collaborator fixed an important issue that was annoying multiple customers, and you believe they will all be happy it was fixed for them. Then you can just charge that work multiple times. We won’t judge.
The actual work was tracked only once, so it does not appear on all of those client projects – but you can manually add the line on the timesheets you’ll be sending to your customer.


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