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Our online tools and coaching and consulting services bring both sides of
the new working relationship much closer together. And it's free to try!


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pain & gain of new working

icon-percentage-up.png "45% increase of independent professionals in EU"
icon-calendar.png "Consultants to lose half a day per week on extra admin"
icon-calculator.png "CEOs do not know how much costs are waiting outside"
icon-typewriter.png "Difficult project reporting combining insiders & outsiders"
icon-graph-up.png "9 million freelancers in Europe ... the fastest growing labor population"

FunkyTime has already improved the collaboration of

new workers new managers countries

FunkyTime empowers both sides of the new working relationship

time & expenses


New workers

get free tools and access to expertise via our new worker community FunkyPeople.

Saving much effort

  • less discussions with clients
  • more focus on your real work
  • almost zero administration

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New managers

get coaching and online instruments to increase the performance of their hybrid teams.

Unprecedented insights

  • real-time insight on hybrid teams
  • all reports including freelancers
  • less admin for external workers

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and there is more...

Use our tracker
on your software

Integrate our front-end tools with your back-office systems, and save time on the time & expenses tracking aspects of your product.

Free tools for
schools & universities

Teach your students professional project management and let them use the FunkyTime tools for free, so they get used to their future working environment.

Use our tracker
on your job portal

Integrate our tools with your online collaboration platform, and attract the best independent professionals.

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about us

FunkyTime is a European-based software and services company. Both our online tools, as well as our coaching and consulting services bring both sides of the new working relationship much closer to one another. This way, we help "new managers" to manage hybrid teams, consisting of new workers as well as classic internal staff members. And we help all their independent professionals to have a much more funky working time, using our free apps and online tools.

Free tools for freelancers

Get our free app, and track & trace your time & expenses, so that you will have less discussions with your clients. And learn how to focus on the real work.

ERP software for services companies

Project managers, COOs and business owners will gain eye-opening real-time insights on the performance of their teams and the entire business. Including detailed information on the outsiders and the insiders.

Coaching services for hybrid teams

We teach you how to deal with, motivate, stimulate and gain optimal performance out of your "hybrid" team, consisting of staff members and independent professionals.

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FunkyTime is growing. Are you a voracious sales monster or a brilliant coding wizard?
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