Emerald Foundry brings FunkyTime to Italy

For architects, engineers, consultants, advisors, designers, … to easily track their time & expenses

Milan (Italy) – Aalst (Belgium), 26 October 2023 – Emerald Foundry today signed an affiliate co-marketing agreement with FunkyTime. This cooperation opens the Italian market to the most easy to use app for time & expenses tracking. Soon, a lot of Italian-speaking knowledge workers will have less tedious monthly administration, and will be able to prepare their timesheets and invoices in their own language.

The tool for knowledge workers on the road

FunkyTime was originally designed for and by marketing advisors. “They needed a tool that was both super-easy to use, and that did not tie them to a computer,” says Joris Debonnet from FunkyTime. “Advisors are working from home, from the office, at the client’s premises, in hotels, planes and conference centers. And, they do not need a super-complex IT system. They only want to track time & expenses and make an easy invoice to clients.”

That is why FunkyTime is supporting many many architects, engineers, consultants, advisors, designers, marketeers, project managers, … and every other type of knowledge worker who is not sitting behind their computer during the entire day.

When solopreneurs become small firms

“One of the FunkyTime benefits that triggered me, is the ease with which one can add a few extra colleagues to a client project,” says Federico Pirola from Emerald Foundry. “As soon as a solopreneur becomes a little bit successful, they start to include other solopreneurs to join them in a project. In FunkyTime, they only have to add the e-mail address of their colleague, and ready. They can both add time on the same project and include all time on one single client invoice, without having to connect IT systems or open up their app to other solopreneurs.”

This is why FunkyTime naturally follows the evolution of a solopreneur to becoming a small firm of experts.

From Italy with ease

Emerald Foundry is now going to launch FunkyTime in their network, as it is. And soon, they are also going to make an Italian translation of the app and all marketing material. “We have been very successful with a French version in France and Belgium over the past years,” adds Joris. Also Federico likes the multi-language approach: “I believe in Italy there are also many many solopreneurs who prefer an Italian app over the omnipresent English software. So, I am really happy that I can add an Italian flavor to this app, and make my Italian colleagues feel more at home in FunkyTime.”

More info on www.funkytime.com.

For more information, please contact Federico Pirola at [email protected].