FunkyTime features

The best teams work together.

FunkyTime makes teamwork a breeze. Everyone you need for the job can collaborate, everything can stay organized, and every project can be successfully tackled.


Add team members

Invite team members, colleagues or freelancers to collaborate on on or more projects. The invited users can either be part of your company or can be from another organization.

Roles and permissions

There are different roles a person can have in FunkyTime, each with their own level of permissions for available actions and access to data, in line with GDPR requirements.

Cost per hour

You can set an hour rate for each individual team member. You can also set a cost per hour for every user, allowing you to make an accurate profit breakdown.

Your team in a glance

See who’s tracking time & use the billable and non-billable breakdown to see on which projects your team is spending their time on, to ensure everyone is doing enough chargeable work to pay the bills.


Preserve your team data

Team members come and go, but data stay forever. FunkyTime keeps your project information safe and sound on your account.

Export your data

Do you want a local copy or even more details to dive in? Export all your team & project data to a spreadsheet for use in your own reporting.

FunkyTime wants to help freelancers and independent knowledge workers get through the post-corona crisis. Get started right away for free!