for new workers

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Saving much effort

less discussions with clients

Clear agreements before the start of the collaboration. Transparent time & expenses tracking during the collaboration. Result: less discussions afterwards.

more focus on your real work

Measuring your working time, stimulates to sprint-work. And since there is less admin, you can stay focused on the essence of your tasks. And have much more fun.

almost zero administration

From assignment to invoice (and soon also to accounting). Almost no paper work. Unless you still prefer to print. Get ready for a more funky work time, and start using the app.

why would you?

I invoice much more since I know how much time I spend on each project I work for several long-term clients, and now I am sure they all get a correct invoice I just love knowing what I spend all my time on. So I also track when I sleep, eat, read the news, ...
Bruno Segers

Interim Manager, former head of Microsoft Belgium and RealDolmen

Jan Lagast

Managing Partner - Participium

Joris Debonnet

Owner - FunkyDev

It helps me estimate the amount of output I can realize in one scrum sprint Time management without time measurement? Impossible!
Jaša Niklanovič

Web & Mobile developer - ConnectSocial

Mac Bolland

Business Manager, Entheos

Use our tracker
on your software

Integrate our front-end tools with your back-office systems, and gain time on the time & expenses tracking aspects of your product.

Free tools for
schools & universities

Teach your students professional project management and let them use the FunkyTime tools for free, so they get used to their future working environment.

Use our tracker
on your job portal

Integrate our tools with your online collaboration platform, and attract the best independent professionals.

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When your “new manager” asks you …

Maybe it wasn't you taking the initiative. Your boss told you so.
Or your client “gently” insisted.

Let us explain to you how this works.

  1. Your manager or client uses our FunkyOps ERP software for service companies, or they have added you through a Co-worker Connect. This means they want to work with you. Yeah!
  2. They will add you to projects or send you an assignment. As an independent professional it's up to you to accept or negotiate their terms. Staff members automatically accept.
  3. Keeping track of time & expenses is child's play. Phone, website, FunkyTime is always available. And we've made it so easy for you, it is barely a burden to enter your information right away.
  4. Add your personal projects and hobby's too. That way, you get more insight in your own time. Don't worry: your boss can only see what you track on their projects.
  5. Independent professionals can use FunkyTime for all their projects and clients. It's free! So why not use it? And it's still very affordable if you'd like to prepare invoices or add your own co-workers.

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