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Unprecedented insights

Including all the outsiders

You don't want to open up your back-office system to the outsiders. Yet you need their input on the inside, if you want to follow-up on projects, budgets, and team output. Or if you need to report the work in progress, the client life-time value, the business unit monthly gross margin, etc. FunkyTime allows you to incorporate all the info from the outsiders in your reports. At once.

Almost in real-time

It easily takes one month before you get all the reporting information out of the accounting systems. Provided the subcontractors have sent in their invoices too. Services companies don't need to wait for the accounting to be ready. Their results depend mainly on time & expenses. That's why FunkyTime can report on results every day, every week, and every month. It almost feels like real-time.

how our software will help you

These are some of the organizations that are using FunkyTime every working day.

Building professionals

FunkyTime is used by engineering companies, architecture firms, and building contractors. They have a lot of freelance workers and subcontractors, who require an intense cost & budget follow-up. A major burden is the Work in Progress (WIP), due to the long projecct terms.

Software development firms

Most of the software developers mix internal teams with external subcontractors and independent specialists. Their million-dollar question is "how much of that work gets invoiced to clients - in time?"

Legal & financial advisory firms

Noblesse n'oblige. If you advise clients to follow-up in more detail, why shouldn't you? But then, since your business is selling expert's time, every minute counts. Also the minutes from external experts and subcontractors.


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Creative & publicity agencies

Creative & publicity agencies have only two assets: their project teams and their ecosystem of suppliers and experts. Thanks to FunkyTime, the agency operations manager keeps track of every little assignment that is passed over the border of the agency to the outside ecosystem.

Translation & copywriting agencies

How much time is spent and how much money is won or lost on each and every assignment? What are the clients that you are making money on? Difficult to say, since time is the most precious resource, and time is often not measured. Let FunkyTime tell you where you make money.

Patient & home care partnerships

How to manage the work of every partner, and to remunerate every partner according to his or her added value? Not an easy task, unless you measure who does what when and for what patient. And then FunkyTime shows you what you weren't able to know before.

Software and services
for the new working ecosystem

FunkyTime consists of two software components,
for each side of the new working relationship.

  1. The most important component for the new manager is the FunkyOps ERP software for services companies. That's where the new manager keeps track on projects and assignments to internal staff members as well as to subcontractors. That's also where the new manager creates real-time reports for its own management.
  2. There is also a very ergonomic front-end tracker app for phone and web, that is so easy to use that it ensures both the internal staff members and the external subcontractors to easily enter time & expenses, and update their availability and work status. Without data, no information. So let's help everyone to quickly enter the necessary data.

worker manager relations

our offering

FunkyTime Tracker
for all knowledge workers
FunkyOps ERP software
for services companies
Coaching & advisory for
more team productivity

App for web and phone. Tracks time & expenses per collaborator, per project, per task, per activity, ... and all that in real-time. Also captures availability, earned value and project status. Both from classic staff members and independent professionals.

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Europe's leading operations management software for services companies, who want to know what, when, where, by and for who -- including all the subcontractors, freelancers, outsiders, as well as the subcontractors of the subcontractors of ...

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Software is only a very small part of every solution. Your team needs to bond together, to produce great output, and to increase its quality over time. That's where FunkyTime advices & coaches you and your team to cope with the burdens of the new working, so that the entire team (and it's manager) is having a funky time of the year!

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